Agent number: 538

Code Name: Tokoya Hashi

Primary Specialty: Surveillance; hacking; implanting destructive and parasitic computer viruses 

Vehicle: Lotus Esprit

Gadgets: Telescopic spying sunglasses; Zippo lighter distance-microphone; hi-tech "maid's cleaning cart" filled with an array of bugging and spying devices 

Height: 5’5”

Favorite Quote: “I'm always under surveillance from the NSA, the Russian KGB, and the Public Security Intelligence Agency of Japan. That's why I'm the most invisible.”

Origin story:  In 1952, Tokoya’s grandmother founded the Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA) of Japan, that country’s equivalent to the FBI. Born on the American army base in Okinawa to an American father and a Japanese mother, Tokoya was a young computer genius, and created their digital surveillance program, the most sophisticated in the world. Even as a teenager she trained the agents how to use her unique, proprietary methods. But when a man affiliated with the TBF claimed credit for founding the agency, and silenced Tokoya’s mother and grandmother in the process, she’s been on the run ever since, with the PSIA and the TBF close on her trail. In San Francisco’s Japantown, where she was working undercover as a hotel maid, Tokoya first connected with the 420 Force, and has been their Head of Surveillance and Hacking ever since.