Agent number: 771

Code Name: Dona Juanita

Primary Specialty: Capoeira; scuba diving; rock climbing Vehicle: Lotus Esprit Gadgets: Underwater Seascooter; Umbrella sword; Amazonian Yanomami blowgun

Height: 5’8”

Favorite Quote: “Life is a dance and life is a ballet. The ones who think it is a fight are the ones who have already lost.”

Origin story: Born in the famous Rochinha favela in Rio De Janeiro, Dona’s mother evidently died in childbirth. Thus orphaned from a young age, Dona was raised by a motherless mob of homeless street urchins, and trained as an expert fighter and master thief. She swam in the waters off Ipanema, and learned Capoeira, the Brazilian art of self defense, and eventually fought her way into the Brazilian National Capoeira Championships. But when rogue Brazilian policemen took it upon themselves to clean Rochinha of its tribes of orphans and beggars and began systematically silencing them, Dona fought back: she singlehandedly avenged the deaths of seventeen children, but became herself marked for elimination as a result. She fled Brazil for Baja, Mexico, and made her way up the coast to Los Angeles, where she connected with the 420 Force and became their unofficial offshore expert.