cam red


Agent number: 791

Code Name: Cam Red

Primary Specialty: Throwing knives; improvising weapons from household items

Vehicle: 1971 GTO Force: [not sure what this is] Gadgets: Knives of all kinds; improvisational weaponry, particularly that made from pipes, bongs and other smoking paraphernalia

Height: 5’8” Favorite Quote: "The closer you get to being a pro, the closer you get to the kill. If the rifle is the first weapon you learn, the knife is the last."

Origin story: Born on a farm on the rolling plains of Nebraska, Cam learned to throw knives from her circus/rodeo-star grandfather. At eight she could kill a coyote from twenty yards; at twelve she could put out a crow’s eye as it flew overhead. Adored and bored by all the farm boys, Cam grew tired of the flatlands and moved to the City of Sin in the Desert. There she met the only man who could tame her: Valentin Vila, a dagger-throwing Latin genius who gave her his talents with home-made weapons, and made them her own. Their love was legendary all over the world, but tragically Valentin was murdered by the TBF for not paying "protection money." Cam swore she would never rest until every one of them were dead. She’s been with the 420 Force ever since.