Agent number: 591

Code Name: Anastasia Sativa

Primary Specialty: Disguise; Infiltration; Single-engine aircraft

Vehicle: Lamborghini Espada; Dragonfly solo helicopter

Gadgets: Coterie of disguises and outfits; lock-picks; hypodermic tranq-delivering earrings

Height: 5’9”

Favorite Quote: “The most effective deceptions are those that hide in plain sight.” Origin story: The great-great granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas II, who was executed in the Bolshevik Revolution, Anastasia was raised in secrecy to protect her from the forces of violent political upheaval. Having been steeped in years of deception and disguise, in her teens Anastasia relocated to Russia’s highly secretive “Star City,” where she was trained as their first female Cosmonaut. But when President Leonid Brezhnev dissolved the distaff cosmonaut program and began systematically eliminating anyone who knew of the secret organization, Anastasia went underground once again, defecting to the US, where she lived under an assumed name, working as a helicopter pilot in Eureka, CA. After assisting — and saving the lives of — several 420 Force agents in a dangerous mission against the TBF, Anastasia was invited to join the operation, and the rest is herstory.